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Hunter-Gatherer provides luxury short stay accommodation for discerning travellers, looking for something a little different; something more personal. We provide a range of additional services and accessories to compliment your stay. These accessories include, fine foods, personal care items, exquisite blankets, dressing gowns and towels to make life in your temporary home as relaxing as possible.

Our accommodation offering divides into two types. ‘City’, and ‘Escape’. Our guests are discerning travellers who are looking for a home rather than a hotel for the duration of their stay. Our City homes are ultra central. The Escape locations are chosen for their sense of escape and relaxation far from the madding crowd. All locations are in close proximity to water - Canals, Lakes, Rivers and Sea.

The Hunter-Gatherer lifestyle is as much a role model for contemporary living as it was for our ancestors over 7,000 years ago. Hunter-Gatherers are the original affluent society - living working, and socialising in harmony with nature and with the changes and opportunities brought about by each season.

Hunter-Gatherers usually travel in small, nomadic groups. The essence of the Hunter-Gatherer adaptation is to exploit the places where they live, and the local food resources lightly, rather than depend heavily on a few food types, so they travel seasonally to gain access to foods that are plentiful and enjoyable.

Hunter-Gatherers concentrate their activities predominantly near water, on the shores of the sea, lakes and rivers. Where there is water, there is life. Water is one of those primal elements that energizes us and replenishes us. This is why all of our properties are in close proximity to water. We have paid particular attention to the water and bathing experience within each individual home.

Home is also where the hearth is. All of our homes are centered around the fireplace. Winter or Summer there is something elemental within us which finds great comfort in the flicker and warmth of a real fire.

Hunter-Gatherers rely on a very detailed knowledge of their locality to find their seasonal food. The Hunter-Gatherer diet is based on hunting game such as deer and boar and gathering a wide variety of wild foods; hazelnuts, wild parsnip roots, blackberries, honey and many others. Foods that are high on taste, nutrition, energy and social enjoyment. Surely the characteristics of a great modern diet! And so we have brought our know how and access to great seasonal food together for you. We have recommendations for great eating establishments within easy distance of your accommodation. You will also discover a refreshingly different range of Hunter-Gatherer foods complimentary to your stay. We also offer a bespoke catering service for special events in your home or we can organise your event in one of our unique giant Tipis.

Relax, unwind, and enjoy you stay with Hunter-Gatherer.


Hunter-Gatherer is a service provider to discerning 21st Century Nomads.

We provide, luxury accommodation, interior design, event management, special event catering, luxury food & accessories and bespoke expeditions.

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