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Tented Garden Exhibition Tented Garden Exhibition Tented Garden Exhibition

Odaios Streetlife Event 2014

Following on the success of the first event operated for Odaios Foods in 2012 and 2013, the Hunter-Gatherer team were brought back to help create the third evolution of the pioneering business to business food exhibition held in May in Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2.

Odaios Foods supply most of the opinion forming hotels, restaurants, caterers and cafes in Ireland supplying them with top quality foods from great producers in Ireland and further afield in Europe.

Our brief was to create a number of creative and stimulating food elements to inspire and entertain chefs and add to the atmosphere of the event in Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2. Odaios was celebrating 10 years in existence, 100 years since the First world war, 1000 years since Brian Boru and the battle of Clontarf and 10,000 years since the first Hunter-Gatherer inhabitants! Easy for us! We also wanted to bring back a futuristic element we created in 2012 for the first show. That being the helpful and stunning tasting team otherwise known as the 'Gastronauts.

The elements Hunter-Gatherer created included:

The Learning Lounge
A dedicated pop-up forum where professionals, chefs and culinary experts came together to share knowledge and experience

The Hunter-Gatherer Feasting Site
Showcasing ancient hunter-gatherer methods we had flint knappers who created and made stone tools that were then used to skin and butcher a wild boar.

The Viking Feast & Brian Boru Medieval Ale launch
Hunter-Gatherer were asked to create a Viking Feast Area sampling wild boar stew this was in conjunction with the launch of Brian Boru Medieval Ale, an Ale created especially to be paired with food.

The Eggologist
The launch of the new Odaios Egg Brand, co-ordinating a customised hen house with live, laying hens and unique egg recipes for chefs to sample

Edwardian Tea Rooms
Hunter-Gatherer were briefed to create and curate a First World War Tea Rooms, together with original props, music and costumed staff, this area was used to show customers the fine pastries on offer from Odaios-Foods

Hunter-Gatherer sourced, briefed and provided the costumes for the lovely Gastronaut ladies – taking product sampling into the 21st Century

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